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Agent Referral Program

At WEDO Real Estate and Beyond, we understand the dedication and perseverance real estate agents invest to secure their clients. Throughout our years of service, we have been fortunate to partner with numerous real estate professionals who entrust their clients to our impeccable property services.

Introducing Our Agent Referral Program:

Recognizing the immense value agents bring to the industry, we've devised an Agent Referral Program tailored for those looking to amplify their client services without spreading themselves too thin.

Here's why our program is the ideal fit for you:

  1. Specialized Focus: We cater specifically to real estate investors. This means we have honed our skills to communicate efficiently with investors regarding their property management and investment needs.
  2. Division of Labor: While you channel your energy and expertise towards real estate sales, we shoulder the responsibility of property management. This clear division ensures that clients receive the best of both worlds without any overlaps.
  3. Client Integrity: We respect the bond you share with your clients. Hence, we pledge never to tread on your client relationships. Should any sales inquiries arise, they are redirected back to you, our esteemed referral partner.
  4. Community Building: Our vision extends beyond just business. We are on a mission to forge robust, enduring relationships within the Phoenix agent community and beyond.
  5. Rewarding Partnership: As a gesture of our appreciation, our referral program compensates with $200 for each successful referral. Have multiple referrals? Reach out to us to discuss potential collaborations.

Join hands with WEDO Real Estate and Beyond, and let's synergize our strengths for unparalleled client satisfaction. Your clients deserve nothing short of excellence, and together, we can deliver just that. For more details or to get started, Contact Us Today.